Liverpool vs Wolves. Just fkin win.


We’re slowly running out of time until this season is officially over. Realistically top four is our only shot at achieving anything resembling successful, especially after last. We’re in transition and we need time.. more time.. like a fuck load more time than was actually necessary but Klopp wants to see it through and take us back to the top. A lot of speculation, changes and painful analysis before that happens realistically .. but whatever happens in the summer (takeovers investors, selling/buying players) I just know we have the best manager in the world to over see it all.

Anfield is a shell of itself right now, a win would go a long way to plaster over the cracks until we get our MOJO back. Good luck to the lads.

No idea what to expect with formation and starting 11 so hears what I’d like to see..


Trent Nat VVD Kostas

Bajcetic Hendo


Salah Nunez Doak

crazy right?