Bournemouth vs Liverpool – Keep on cherry plucking !

I think every single LFC fan is still on cloud cuckoo land still after absoutely annihilating our biggest rivals, on the biggest stage in the best stadium in the world. Everything aligned for us on Sunday and besides the win it was nice to slap the scum down to earth with an almighty crash. A special shout out to Salah for creating more history with his beloved club, an incredible new PL tally of 129, all done with 61 games fewer than God. This is nothing short of World Class taking him into an extremely prestige set of PL players. What a treat that was and a perfect result for the lads coming into an important week of football. A season defining one really before the international break. Every PL game is arguably a cup final whilst miracles are needed on our little jaunt to Madrid a week from now.

Remember the last time we played Bournemouth , yeh that 9-0 drubbing.. Seems like years ago but was only in August. They’re going to want a decent crack at us in revenge however keeping our heads focussed on the win will hopefully get us over the line. The importance of this game should not be overshadowed by our recent exploits and nobody really knows this better the people who actually matter, Klopp Hendo and the rest of the squad. Grab em’ by the cherries and get that win fellas!!