Madrid vs Liverpool – Time to muster the bastion of invincibility !

It’s all or nothing now as we leave all our woes behind and to focus on what needs to be done, what has to be done and what only Liverpool can do. The stakes are at their most terrifying highest – 100 ft in the air we can look down only this season with the likes of the Shitty and Scum games when we were able to bring our most fearless and ruthless selves. We have to bring that and some extra if we’re to do it, I know they’ll give it their all but it’s about being clinical with our chances with a splash of luck.

We were in Liverpool yesterday for a very efficient 6 hour leg around Anfield, Docks, Cavern Bar and back on the train, this was after a rather heavy night out in Manchester – We got to abseil down the main stand as part of a new tour they’re doing this year, nervously stepping beside our magnificant crest. A proud moment, which took pretty much everything I had to do. The Mrs actually went first as I was trembling too much ! The scariest bit was slowly pushing my heels over the edge, then even more slowly leaning back 45 degrees into the abyss and stepping down the first few yards. I was told it would be fine once you started going but it’s gotta be said I was a little bit of a mess all the way down ! It was totally and utterly exhilarating, a moment we will never forget. If you’re ever in town I highly don’t recommend it 🙂

The museum after was an absolute delight, a story of winners and heros creating the most decorated club in our lands, full of historic moments. If you look up heritage in the dictionary you’ll see us. Walking past the 6 ol’ big ears I couldn’t help but think they should bring the players around here before they jet off to Spain , stand them in front of the trophies in pin dropping silence, planting a seed of flory and a bud of faith deep in their souls ! If anyone can do it we can, after all, we are believers.

Whatever happens on Wednesday we will have fought a good fight but I hope they bring the history books because we may just have something more to write !