Liverpool vs Arsenal – When the going gets tough!

The tough shout at eachother!

So what left is there to say about us at the moment that hasn’t already been covered, it’s a bit of a mission trying to predict and get up for games right now but it’s not like we’re dead and buried. We still have a lot to play for and let’s not forget the players have absolutely everything to play for in this time of struggle. They should all know they’re on tender hooks with the summer being setup for a dramatic one at the very least.

Putting in convincing displays between now and the end of the season will be determined by how much they have left mentally and physically, which are both question marks right now. A switch needs to be flipped and I have no earthly idea of where that switch lies.

After everything though we are a team, a family, a way of life. Through thick and thin we’ll be right by their sides. All I hope is that we look back on this season as a transitioned one enabling a platform and a foundation to build what will be a formidable team once again.

It starts on Sunday with late Kick off. BRING THE NOISE ANFIELD!!!