Liverpool vs Nottingham Forest – get yer bow and arrows out !!

Well that was a confident, pretty, clinical, satisfying out right spectacle on Monday night wasn’t it. It’s like everyone knew how to play football together again, superb performances across the board. Biggest talking point was probably Trent’s new hybrid role, a performance met with raptuous applause whilst satisfying a long withstanding need from most LFC fans crying out for our boys talents to be utilised to his fullest potential. Seemingly it took the coaching staff a fair bit of time customising his role and tweaking others to accomodate a more free/hybrid effort dancing into the right middle of the park. It’s kind of been done before but I don’t think to this precision.

He was sublime , which wasn’t surprising, it actually meant a lot more to me noticing how he free he seemed to be playing, smooth, effortless pings everywhere on the pitch, plus a few clinical assists.

Take a look at this Mega Thread, it’s a quality read.

So we welcome Forest to Anfield on Saturday, 3pm Kick off for most.

Brentford host Villa so if we win and Brentford win we’ll head into 6th from 8th, with a keen eye on the Newcastle Spurs game on Sunday.. I’m talking here like we can do it, but I also remember the last time we played Forest after a convincing win against Shitty so don’t hold yer breath !

Forest coming off 4 Losses and a draw in their last 5 games. So trust them to turn up at Anfield 🙂

I ask myself what I actually want out of this season from now on. The immediate response is Top 4 but in a way more than that I want us to get back to gear 6. I want us to now build on our recent promising displays. I want to see us shake off the poor season we’ve had with a view on next season, which means ending as strong as possible wherever we finish up. If it is Europa then whatever, so be it, we deserve it and we can utilise the squad even more next season. Just keep on improving eachother, keep on learning from eachother and keep on clicking REDMEN – bring the CHEMISTRY!!!