West Ham vs Liverpool – 200 not out !!!

So you’re probably thinking wait, 200 ? what the fuck is he onabowwwttt…

200th time we’ve played Hammers ? 200th LFC game with Klopp ? 200th wrong VAR decision ? 200th time Nev got called a cockney bastard ? Jolive’s 200th time helping an old person across the road ? 200th time i’ve got a hole in one ? NNOOOOOO!!! all Wrong suprisingly !!

It’s the 200th post since sir Joe of bloggs passed the crooked old batton onto me. A little milestone that’s crept up on us. Holding the batton of FOAR has always been and will always be my absolute privilege. To keep serving you and yours on this beloved site is food for the soul, a welcome distraction and a sweet emotion. We’re a family and a crazy one at that. At first it was a daunting task, initially carrying on with the tradition of a new post for each game with a solitary picture. That definitely got boring so I decided, with some nudges, to start writing some shit down and now look at me, still posting grammar mistake-ridden silly throw away posts !!

A place like FOAR can create life long foarships and back gardens full of stinky badgers. It’s a drop in the ocean in terms of LFC fansites but a true example of how a bunch of guys from all walks of life can get thrown together utterly randomly in the love of our precious club. I promise i’ll only sound like a twat once on this post – all of you really do keep this going. x

Now who’s upfor a pint ?! Nev said he’s buying.

Some individual stats on comments and likes with engagement stats over last year (max I could do it) .

Now onto the trip daawwwnn laanndan. Where we face the hammers, currently in 13th and still fighting for survival. There’s a measley 6 points separating 13th – 18th and it’s all panic stations. So avoiding these teams ain’t such a bad thing right now, especially away. We do have a little momentum on our side though after some convincing performances from pretty much all of our players of late, with Jota and Trent arguably leading the pack. Jota coming into some form with some quality finishing in the last couple of games, that’s 4 goals in 2 games now. Has to start, even with Diaz as an option for me. Trent always seems to deal with the pressure, he knows there’s a spotlight on him but it almost spurs him on to lead more and create more. Would love to see him bag one on Weds he totally deserves a notch.

As time goes on the less points there is to play for, relying on other teams screwing up and us winning ALL of our games is the name of the game from now on, we just have to be there for every tackle, for every 5050, for every goal and for every point. As I mentioned before if we can just focus on us and our evolution into a team that can compete on all fronts next season that’s all that matters at this stage and in this position. I think Klopps thinking is to try a few things out in these last games: playing Trent in a hybrid position, allowing Jones some consistent pitch minutes to thrive and also has some games to help shape the newly fit front 5/6 so they can hit the ground running next season. It’s hard not to be pissed off on how it went this season and it’s only because this football club is in our blood and we feel every twitch of uncertainty and every blow of defeat, but we’re always here, always fighting the good one. Give it your all REDMEN !!! .. and from your’s truly, thanks for showing up x

YNWA and congrats to the 200th badger owner whoever you are 🙂 x