Liverpool vs Spursy – What else could happen ?

starts 5.22.

Well, alongside us making an “historic” 3 wins in a row and 2 away wins in a row you could say we’re starting to get some things right. With a little bit o luck and a marauding matip on our side there’s nothing we can’t achieve but we gotta be neat. A very spursy side is what we face right now but with the might of anfield behind us and a familiar goal there’s nothing but 3 points that’ll satsify our chase.

Any danger concerning our fight for top four should be met with what we do on the pitch and we’re starting to see some signs of progression with our play, occassionally we seem to be upfor it with attacking speed and intensity but in the same breath we’re still a little bit laboured, we know that an aging group of winners can’t always remain winners but I can see from some of our play the winning mentality is boiling beneath the surface. Unleashing this at times requires more than just experience and skill, it requires the intensity we’re so fond of watching in recent years. With the likes of Diaz coming back into the fold and Nunez chomping a the bit we’re starting to wtiness a little vamp of levels we need to string some decent results and performances required to get us close.

Klopp vs a new interim , in Ryan Mason is the match up of the weekend.

Come on you old sausage, get that bloody win !!!

Whatever, every which way but loose we’re LFC and we will fight to the fucking end!!!