Liverpool vs Fulham – Plugging away at it !

Not bad win that, again made it harder than it needed to be with some tussles at the end there. Klopp was right about Tierney but not sure he should have said much about it, now he’s got himself in trouble again. However, he’s just voicing an opinion so can’t see why there is so much of a spotlight on when a manager says it rather than a bunch of ex pros being paid to. But whatever, we know how we get treated from the FA etc. Just gotta live with it and do our talking on the pitch.

Moving onto a midweek game welcoming Fulham to Anfield.

We know it’s almost impossible but thought I’d throw the remaining fixtures out there with our current top 4 ‘rivals’. A few play teams play eachother below the top 4 so it may help us get 5th , not sure we even want that at this stage though, for me it’s all or nothing. What do you think ?

All we can do is crack on with tightening our performances in prep for next season.

Well even though it’s almost impossible I’ve put a table to show the race.