Liverpool vs Brentford – 4 to go you know what to do redmen !

With the season from fucking weirdsville almost over there’s only really one big story that should take center stage. Our bobby. Still can’t believe his departure is almost upon us and would love to see him coming on for the last 20/30 in the remaining games or at the very least the last game.

He is the bobby dazzler, he is Mr nolook and has been dazzling us for years now with his ridiculous skills and masterful footballing mind. He has defined a role all on his own, the bobby 9. Where defending from the front a mix of incredible spatial awareness and the ability to think 2/3 steps ahead. In the same bracket as Berkhamp he has everything you need to become a world class match winner. We will forever be grateful not just for the memories you’ve given us but the manner in which you carried them out in, the attitude of a Milner combined with the flair and fun of a Ronaldinho, you will be sorely missed. It’s not over yet and crazier things have happened but it’s becoming a little more real now so I thought i’d throw some words out.

Welcoming Brentford to Anfield tomorrow which is another absolute must win, we’re looking for our 6th straight win. Feels weird doesn’t it. Grinding out results hasn’t been our forte of late but I hope this is just the beginning of something special. Looking to finish strong will gives us hope for the future and the club could look slightly more attractive to potential signings if we keep this up.

We move on with an eye on the rest but our job is to win the rest and go from there.

Happy Cinco de mayo !!