Chelsea vs Liverpool – Time to kick off the 2023/2024 PL Campaign!!!

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Welcome welcome WELCOME welcome back, you delicious Foarites!!! to the only place in town that has actual live badgers you can win, rare fluffy and stinky ones. It’s the only place in town that has legendary commentary every day of the week, the only place you’re completely embraced for who and what you are, you can even change nationality if you’d like and throw a spanner ! It’s enjoyed by many known by even fewer but my God does it fuck.

Now huddle in and get ready for a bombastic fucking season! Have a shave or have a wax and have a post-preseason freshen up , throw the shorts on and sports bras, pour yourself an ice cold beveeeerrraaagggee and join me on the lawn, the foar lawn. For we are Liverpool FC, we are fit and we are fucking READY just like our new Midfield look!! 💪💪✨️✨️❤️❤️🍻🍻❤️💪

So Chelsea away uh, a long jump down the souf to kick off 2023/24. Wonder how much Klopp has been watching of them pre but they look slightly more connected, whilst I feel like we’re still working the tactics out. Business not over yet still a few weeks left but anyone that comes in now will feel like a rush, which points to desperation. Ah well, we have a squad to compete I think and if we start clicking when it matters the firing power we hold could become important and lethal. Starting to see a more dynamic squad coming through with the average age dropping significantly since May, which bodes well for the future but can it work immediately ?

A nice mix of experience with Ali, Virg, Thiago, Trent, Salah, Robbo with the finishing touches of young up and comers like Diaz, Nunez, Jones, Elliot, Jota, Bajcetic complimented by an injection of new and fearless like Mac, Szoboszlai and Doak means we have a little but of everything with every other player keeping the next one on their toes. Learning from eachothers perspectives will enhance the team but introduces a learning curve.

We will go again under Klopp like we always do with an impetus to challenge for everything. It’s only Off or On for the Normal One and we’re in the best hands possible to give us the best chances possible.

Team Selection is critical but whatever we do the midfield will be of the biggest interest because whoever starts will have played very few minutes together. Which probably means expectations may be low, so everything to play for.

Cant wait to get this season started now so on we go lads on we fight for our first points of the season. A win on Sunday will provide us with the start we all need right now. I think all judgement can wait until the first few games of the season, we will be witnessing a new Liverpool and a new dynamic with hopefully quicker and more clever transition to unpick the spaces that always seemed to close up last season.

Whoever you are and whatever you’re doing. If you’re reading this. Thank you and welcome to the fucking show!!