Liverpool vs Bournemouth – time to come Home.


Another weird week potentially ahead of us with the new potential signing of Wataru Endo from Stuttgart, the new expectation this week was if we signed anyone it would be someone unexpected. So we’re on the predictable path I guess!

Here’s a video ?

Its fine if we have more decent players in the mid and I’d welcome him with open arms if Klopp wants him, the only question is if can be a starter, a squad player is not what we need right now its a first team starter. Hope he has the minerals for it!

We welcome our lads home for the first time on Saturday. A day to refocus and recalibrate with a home crowd right behind us. A win will calm everything down I think and help rejuvenate our outlook on the season. Players are starting to gel now with a fairly decent performance away at the chavs coming away with a point last weekend. A lot to work on obviously but we can’t really afford more time to get this things right with what we have. A hidden blessing could be that we’re in Europa this season and I’m really not sure myself how he’s going to attack it with our limited squad. Probably should use the kids as much as possible focusing on the PL.

Let’s get to it redmen ! A new week a new team look a new season and a new Belief! ??❤️