Newcastle vs Liverpool – A TEST AGAINST THE TOONS!

Off to fairly decent start we are now looking forward to jump on that winning streak train to keep up with the pack, a win on Sunday would do absolute wonders for the lads and give a timely boost to our morale. If we’re not successful and trip up, there will certainly be some deserved criticism. Our squad right now is teetering on thin, time will tell if it’s strong enough for the first half of the season but for a whole season in 4 comps is a frail thought.

We always seem to be playing catch up, probably since we sold Lovren and never replaced him, heading into a season with a CB down relying on the unreliable Matip and Gomez. Happened with Gini where we soldiered on with Milner Ox Hendo etc, scraping by.. last season was shocking aswell because the mid was once again in limbo. This season feels slightly different because although we’ve lost a few I think we have strengthened, e.g. can already see the improvement in moving the ball forward quicker through the mid. It’s too early to predict how we’ll gel but it looks good so far and the optimism I’m seeing surrounding our new look mid of Mac and Slobs (sounds like a tasty plate of macaroni) is promising. The fact Slobs said the other day that all he wants to do is play for the front 3 will be music to the forwards ears, looking to see some epic assists in the short term with these stats.. (over 365 day period)

The cameo from Endo also looked very promising, his reading of the game was immediately impressive although may take a while to get upto speed with the Prem. We’re getting there reds but a few more signings is vital for the season to look more welcoming, a RB would enable us to not really need another CM /CDM as Trent could fill that role immediately.

A really tough away fixture this, they played well over at Emptihad last weekend so are looking to bounce back underneath their home crowd. We know this though so Klopp will be lighting a fire underneath the players asses to start on the front foot. A synced Eddie Howe team are really enjoying their football at the moment so we have to be on top of our counter pressing game to try and expose the gaps with speed. Finishing will be key because we will get chances, normally an open game with this fixture so we have to really be upfor it.