Liverpool vs Leicester – Meh? Or let’s get it?

Tough one this for the Boss, always is for top teams really but Klopp always seems to play second string coated with some 1st teamers to sustain fitness and sharpness. Maybe to get the job done and move on but secretly I think he kinda loves the opportunity just to be and stay in cup comps. Maybe he’s coz something crafted up his sleeve.. I have a sneaky suspicious suspicion he may play Diaz, Salah, Doak uptop.. and honestly it’s got nothing to do with the Salem witch trial vibes I had this weekend..

BTW don’t ever waste your time..

The No. 2 biggest tourist trap in the world is in Salem, according to USA Today.

Moving on.. we have a game to play tomorrow and I do hope he rests most the squad, we surely can’t risk it as we’re away to a tough team on Ssssssaturday, but with all things considered we always seem to bring our potato peelers with us but that’s another convo.

Reckon we’ll have what it takes to see off Leicester or what?

Here’s the fixtures.. and my predictions to go through you never asked for:

Villa, Blackburn,Bmth,Arse,Brighton,Norwich,Ham, LFC, Newc.

I think we have to. Will be seen as a failure otherwise.. and heads will be spinning no doubt!!

Until then I’m gonna spin your helmet and blow your fucking mind, serves you bastards right, Clam as you called it, #downvotegate is officially trending . WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!! Turn it up to 11. ?