Stuff and things – twiddling and middling

So.. the Rugby World Cup eh!!

Gotta say it’s about 100x more interesting than anything else going on this weekend. Up the dragons!!

However, as it’s a football site the following link and article from EOTK has this all nicely wrapped up for a nice read with a good cuppa or glass of plonk. The only outcome in any of these matches is of course fitness where they all come back just as fit as they left but with a rejuvenation from being with their nation, maybe even some relaxation, playing their favourite formation, trying to make some history in their generation, showing determination for some appreciatio…. alright i’ll stop now.

When we return however, we welcome our closest neighbours in Everton. A must win otherwise a 3rd times in a row points will be dropped.

I think overall we’re in a good spot so far this season, a superb start gave an unexpected chance to go top of the league. Then that all happened and we were completely and criminally robbed of probably at least 1 point but like to think 3. We need to get back to that moment where we were just starting to gel and take flight, I’d like to believe that between Endo Gravy Mac Baj and maybe even Thiago we have options to cement a floating DM position, with rotation.

Bajcetic – although making 2 short appearances against LASK and Leicester he felt a little something, so he’s busy in med room hoping to be fit for the derby.

Thiago – Hip surgery ruled him out since the start of the season and with minor setbacks along the way which were not related to the hip surgery it’s taken longer than expected. Hopefully returning after Int break but Everton game too soon according to Klopp.

Klopp on Gakpo: “He is already out of the brace, walks normal around, so from all the very, very bad opportunities and possibilities injury-wise, I think he nearly got the best but is still injured,” Potential return date is 21st vs Everton.

Keep sane FOARITES !!