Liverpool vs Everton – DERBY DAY

WOW that was epically boring and long wasn’t it, Nev and Clam even had time to clean and tidy their sheds! Although I suspect they like to do that every so often. Clam & Nev Shed podcast coming to a screen near you ! Maybe your first guest could be Mick Foley !

Another early kick off awaits but with that it’s at home and we are favourites, of course. I know the early kick off’s are shite, but IF we win we’ll get more of a rest ? every cloud innit.

With Robbo out all eyes are now on our Greek Scouser, Tsimi will give absolutely everything for the shirt, he’s a baller too and loves a whip into the box. With Nunez in the midst of his most menacey stage at LFC he’ll be the fast moving target for Tsimi’s sniper, so we may see a slight change of tactics in the coming weeks. Even with Gakkers out aswell (hopefully for not too long) we still have the fire power to convert our chances.

A must win of course, but feels even more important after dropping 5 points in the last 2 games. We have Forest, Bournemouth, Luton and Brentford after the derby, our target should be 15 points from 5 games before the Shitty game. THEN we’ll talk.

Throw them upto 11 for this new set coming from a legend in the the D&B arena. Especially at 53min.. 3x RELOAD! Cheers then!