Liverpool vs Nottingham Forest – hoodle oly hoodle oly golly what a day…

An important win midweek puts us in a perfect position to not only qualify early for the next rounds of the Europey but also strike some into the rest of the opponents. Gotta be favourites surely.

Anywhowhatever, our 3rd game in 8 days at Anfield to look forward to on an unusually busier Sunday than on Saturday in the PL against Steve Coopers Forest. Sitting 15th in the league they’re struggling for points. But they are on par with scum by scoring 2 less goals than they’ve conceded.. so every cloud.

Back at the races for our lads and it really feels like we’re starting to enter phase 2 of the season with players like Endo, Szobbers, Gravyboat and Nunez hitting their stride and setting into themselves. Whatcha reckon Mac, Szobo and Gravy? Is that our best midfield right now? Or would you maybe start switching Mac out for Endo ?

Crazy that only a few months ago Trent was our saving grace in the mid now that hardly gets a mention, which is great because it takes the limelight away from Trent a bit and hopefully a bit of focus from the opposition as well giving him the freedom to do what he does best. Effect games.

A decent chance for 3 big points Sunday, let’s cook boys!! This ones been on repeat this week ?

And look at that 5 minutes spare! ?