International Fake – twiddley

I really don’t remember any time in the history of time we’ve had more Int. breaks, what the hell are they doing over there?! I hate saying this and it seems a bit jinxy but (knock on wood) we haven’t had hardly any injuries except for Robbo really from this gaps so long may it continue.

The traveling though must take its toll. I think there’s around 30 players between us and shitty that will be traveling for their countries so I have no idea how hard our game will hit from the beginning on the 25th. Still, everything to play for. A victory will be euphoric.

Anyone else heard recent rumours Salah is contract extension talks ? Would be amazing if that’s true. His current contract lasts until 24/25 season which he’ll still only be 33. I’d say a 2 year extension would be sensible, can’t see him not playing at this level at 35 can you ?

I’m going to pack now for an early 4am start. Catch you fellas in ol’ blighty ??.