Liverpool vs United – Sunday spesh !

Well here we go then, one of the most anticipated fixtures of the season. Catching them again at a really tough time, but in this instance it’s okay to kick em when they’re on the floor. It’s been noted of late how confident we are going into this game and rightly so to be fair, but it’s really like a cup game all form goes out the window. We absolutely cannot be complacent even one bit. We have to attack the professionally, the boys will have absolutely no reason not to be 100% up for this one.

The 7-0 thrashing will be etched in everyone’s minds. Let’s hope for a solid performance from the lads. 3 points is ALL that matters.

I feel like this could catapult us into 6th gear if we come away with a solid performance and a win, there’s been talk of us not quite gelling at times and we’re still figuring out our best 1st 11 especially in midfield. But we need to click sooner rather than later if we’re going to challenge. No time like the present. Might be the last time we see Ten Hag aswell, miserable bugger.

Let’s have it boys!