Burnley vs Liverpool – Boxing day festive fun.

Sooooo we go again don’t we. Back in the saddle jumping on that reindeer and off we trot. Feels slippy this one, tough away fixture and these teams always seems to save their bacon for us. Our last 5 have been 3 wins 1 draw and 1 loss.

Feels like Palace away where we’ll need something special and clinical to come away with 3 needed points. If we do get the win would be nice to see varsenal get knocked off their branch by Moyes’ hammers. But of course they get 2 extra days rest than we do. This is the norm now for us. Getting ruined every chance they get. Just expect it and then anything different feels like a win.

Not sure how we’ll start, but looks like Gomez is gonna fill in at Left back.. however with him being a certain starter we will have 3 natural center backs on the pitch out of necessity. So why not just go 3 at the back with Trent and Endo pivoting.. releasing the rest to go ham? Definitely the day to do it .. xmas ham on boxing day? No? No one? Pfff

Whatever! Just bloody win!!