Liverpool vs Norwich – The first of the last.

A very somber day is upon us all. Jurgen Klopp will be leaving us at the end of the season.

The immediate feeling I had this morning was denial obviously. Before watching the video this lunchtime I threw a comment on the last post about the possible reasons behind this decision and the timing. I wanted to blame FSG’s lack of investment or FFP malarky or maybe even a fallout somewhere. But really the thought of Klopp just leaving on his own regard was really too much to accept, especially within contract. I understand it but can’t accept it. He’s been our shining light for many reasons but the biggest one was as a human being, he’s inspired a new generation of footballers and coaches, but he’s also inspired me and others as people. Kind of jealous how fkin amazing a man could be to be honest and to have someone like that over the last 9 years is and was an absolute privilege. Trying to write something with more detail is proving difficult because it’s so raw right now. And the players too, all who have dined under Klopp. But time does heal.

We will be witnessing an end to the best Era I’ve ever witnessed supporting Liverpool. Even if we are more successful in years to come over a similar period with a different manager it will not compare to the emotional rollercoaster and connection to us fans we’ve witnessed under Klopp. His smile will live on for generations and we will remember these times as some of the best in our lives.

FSG have helped us along the way here and I hope there is more to come from them but as much as I applaud them for the great position turnaround they’ve achieved, they have also missed the opportunity of a lifetime by not giving one of the best managers we’ve ever had whatever he wanted, at a drop of a hat. There was always the next window, the next season or wait until we have sold someone.. It’s a debate that I have in my own head, it’s a feeling of am I being too unreasonable or did we deserve more. I can’t really come to a conclusion on it to be honest.

Anyway, there’ll be lots more to say over the next few months. Our last game is 19th May, so fingers crossed if everything goes smoothly my little boy will technically witness at least a few weeks of LFC under Klopp. A friend sent me this.. did you know Klopp has the second highest win rate behind King Kenny at 60.7%,max 30 games left and if we win 18 of them then he’d have the highest win rate ever. AMAZING.

?️ Neil Atkinson’s rallying call on BBC 5 Live yesterday will definitely make you feel better: “Part of the reason Jurgen is doing this now is because he thinks the Liverpool he is leaving behind is in far better shape than the Liverpool that he inherited… so what’s important here is that Liverpool can’t take a backward step… should not take a backward step… and anyone talking about Liverpool should not take a backward step… Because that would be the stuff of cowards. “Liverpool Football Club is an ongoing proposition..

This season does not need to be damaged by this… and in fact Jurgen himself wants the club to constantly be in safe hands. He would not do this if he thought it was the wrong moment to do this… If he felt that things were not quite right, to pass forward to someone else… But also in the short term, for this season, what he wants is for LFC to win everything that we can possibly win…”Very sad that Jurgen is no longer going to manage Liverpool & not longer going to be part of my life, because he is a remarkable man and one of the best… But what matters now is what happens next… and what Jurgen wants is a great 4 months for us all together… and then for the next person gets to pick up a side with exciting young talent and great players with really good experience and then we crack on… Because that’s what Liverpool is… It’s an ongoing proposition, and we can never ever ever be stuck in a moment.

“Why Klopp is a legend is that he has been his own authentic self… What I don’t want is for someone to pretend to be Klopp version 2.0. What I want instead is for someone to be their authentic self… Jurgen is so special in the way he communicates… You’re not always going to have Jurgen Klopp… Other teams have won trophies without Jurgen Klopp… What you want instead is for the next person who comes in to be able to feel liberated to be themselves… and that’s what we need to focus on now; Both in the short-term (Win everything for Jurgen, and with Jurgen)… But once he goes, dont want someone to do a Jurgen Klopp impression… No one can… But what you want is for the next LFC Manager to be the best version of themselves, and that’s what we have to support & what we need to get behind.

• Question: “Be honest with me, as a Liverpool fan, do you have any concerns that the same situation could befall LFC that has hit Man Utd (Ferguson)… Arsenal (Wenger) .. Nottingham Forest (Clough)… when an iconic manager that means so much to everything there decides to leave … It might not be good again, for quite awhile?• Neil’s response: “Or course! It would be ludicrous for it not to be the case … But what i would say is that Bill Shankly is followed by Bob Paisley; Bob Paisley Won 13+ major trophies in 9 seasons… Shankly was a hugely charismatic, unbelievable communicator, one of the greatest ever managers… But he was then followed by Bob Paisley, who won everything! European Cup after European Cup!…No, we can look at the negative side of this, the possibility that things could get worse after Jurgen Klopp… But it’s not an inevitability! And what we’ve not got to do is to will that into being! Instead… Paisley follows Shankly… and then Fagan follows Paisley! Dalglish follows Fagan! This is Liverpool… and Liverpool is bigger than Jurgen Klopp… and what were about here is that there’s a football team at the heart of this city.. and anyone who turns up as the next Liverpool manager should be capable of anything!

And that’s we’ve got to plan for!”What we’ve got now is a 4 month adventure with the greatest man, and the greatest manager we could dream of… and then we get to see what happens next! And all i want it to be (all the time supporting Liverpool) is a joy to be alive and that’s also what Jurgen Klopp wanted (and what Jurgen got! And what we all got!).. and we should continue that, because the best way to do that is to BELIEVE in it, and that’s what Jurgen Klopp believes in it as well!”This is the biggest football club in the world, and that’s the reason BBC is talking about this tonight… this city is football… loves football… and why Jurgen Klopp has done so well here is because he/we understand what that is about… It is the heart of Liverpool’s cultural life; Jurgen Klopp is the heart of the Liverpool’s cultural life… And sometimes we’ll get beat and shrug our shoulders… Jurgen Klopp has been an astonishing Liverpool manager, and Liverpool is the city that defines football in this country and we’ll al be fine in the end. ” ❤️?✊

I’m sure they’ll all now hyper focused on Sunday and the small matter of an FA Cup game. Can’t quite get there yet.. but let’s win this one. We still have chapters to write.