Nottingham Forest vs Liverpool – Disguised as Liverpool vs Luton from our very own 51years!!

A Grand Evening Out
In not so many words – LFC V The Hatters post match report. 

51 check your emails!!

Dear 51, you have been sent a ticket by Mr Alex Bossman, your ticket for the Liverpool v Luton – matchday hospitality match is attached. Row 8, seat 29 in the King of all football, The Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand.

Are you actually shitting me???????
“No, enjoy” came the prompt reply . Oh my days the Boss sorted me a ticket to go to watch my beloved LFC at Anfield in a night game. If ya had a fanny I would defo give yer a seeing too ya tart… (wife proof read this and said “no ya fucking wouldnt ya twat”) , anyway ticket downloaded and hospitality ticket at that, fucking boss tha’.

Wednesday finished work at 4 so had 3 n alf hours to get home, showered, changed and get to Anfield, fucking doddle. Set off about 5-ish-ish, hit the traffic before I left Preston, CUNTS FUCKING SHIFT WILL YA. On to the motorway and five minutes in hit fucking roadworks, says to self “OH ITS LIKE FUCKING THAT IS IT?” gets down the m6 – m58 into Liverpool at last, getting on for 6-ish now and busting for a piss so had to stop. Asda is handy btw on the A59 just 2 mins off the M58. Off we go again.

Gets near Anfield and cant park anywhere near the ground as all car parks were pre-book (WTAF, Prebook in Liverpool, PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT) so ended up almost 2 miles away from the ground before I could park without permit parking restrictions, what a ball ache and good for future reference lads.
Off i go and hit Anfield Rd (pic taken of the street sign for good measure) after 10 mins of walking through streets i have no idea called what.

I get to the ground through the maze of cars, people and wardens, traffic people.
Upto the ground lit up in all its beautiful splendour and as red as red can be.
i found the Kings entrance to be greeted by some very polite people who pointed me to the ticket scanner and onto the Reds Bar.

Having never been so royally treated I went in and quickly demanded my free San Miguel from the fresh faced barman who had a bit of issue with my northern accent, good job he just got the beer i pointed at as i felt a bit of the Nevs coming on, GRRRRR.

I literally just sat down after getting the beer and over the tannoy, ladies and gentleman please take your seats for the start of the game.

FOR FUCKING FUCKS SAKE…..I thought, so very quickly necked the beer took a couple of pics of the legends in the bar and off to my seat.
As I said seat 29 row 8 and slap bang in the middle so getting there was the scuse me, scuse me scenario
found my seat and settled between the 2 biggest people in the north west for just one evening, damn damn damn, Oolf (i think) and an Irish woman. I showed em both the FOARsite on my phone btw so hope they join us at some point.

The crowd was amazing singing YNWA and the hairs just stand up………. on my chest (im bald btw, and yes not by choice FFS, LOL)
Nicked this bit > Liverpool make five changes for this evening’s Anfield encounter with Luton Town.
Joe Gomez and Jarell Quansah return in defence, while there are also starts for Harvey Elliott, Cody Gakpo and Ryan Gravenberch.
Liverpool: Kelleher, Gomez, Endo, Van Dijk, Diaz, Mac Allister, Gakpo, Elliott, Gravenberch, Quansah, Bradley. Subs: Adrian, Konate, Tsimikas, Robertson, Clark, Gordon, McConnell, Danns, Nyoni.
the game kicks off anf the anticipation is EEEEEEEK after recent results.

Luton took the lead through Chiedozie Ogbene’s header, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Diaz missed a few chances but overall we were lucky not to be down by more although we could have been 3-1 up at least

After the break we went FUCKING NUTS and it paid off when VVD showed what being a Captain is all about and leading by example to put us on level terms with a bullet header in the 56th-minute from a corner. COOOOOOOME ON YOU REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDS

just over a minute later BOOM, Gakkers nods in from close range from AlexiMac who blasted in a cross from the byeline. the roof is on fire now, WOW the noise is spine tingling

Diaz finally got his reward for just not giving up with a third goal after 71 mins, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOP were romping it now.

HARVtime was making his 100th appearance for the reds and pounced on a loose ball in the 90th minute for a fourth goal. well done lad ya got the reward, AV IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT

Three wins on the bounce now for Liverpool and further momentum in the bag for Sunday’s EFL Cup final against Chavs at Anfield South
As Klopp would say “WOW, just WOOOOOOW” – It was also a massive pleasure to see him fist pump ALL FOUR STANDS for the first time ever!
These kids are amazing and even better in 3D.

Well that’s my short and sweet version of a night that will stay with me always courtesy of FOARsite

Alex you are a fucking legend mate and i am eternally grateful for what you did for me. UK Lube is in the post pal.

Best Wishes 51.