Liverpool vs Man City – ARE YOU READY ANFIELD !!

Alright let’s get straight into it. It’s the big one in a monumental stage of the season, against our biggest rivals, with pretty much everything to play for and everything on the line. We’re seeing an unrivaled build up to this game where it could be the last one ever between Klopp and Pep.

There’s been a pattern of draws between us in league games over the years and a draw wouldn’t be the worst thing ever, as long as Cheaty get at least a point vs the Arse. Winning it would be absolutely monstrous for us, leading the pack by 2 and 4 points. I say this because the Arse wouldn’t dare drop point at home to Brentford, right ? 😉

We certainly have the manpower to overcome shitty in the final 3rd, especially if it’s on a break. They seem to be a fraction weaker this season when teams come after them, causing panic at times because they’re so used to having the ball against lesser opposition. If we can time the attacks right we should be able to create some half and full chances for Salah and Nunez. Endo will have to a lot to think about though and Mac as well, Foden and KDB are starting to scare opponents again.

But enter Schlobbers, I think he’s been playing like he’s been thinking about this game for a while, trying out different things hoping to brush the cobwebs off and get rid of all the shit in his bag ready to absorb then release the worldieness he possesses on Sunday and Sunday alone.

We have to start on the front foot in front of our beloved fans, a team of 2 halves just won’t cut it this time. Give your all redmen, leave it all out there as this is a massive opportunity.

Here’s the fixtures people.