Liverpool vs Brighton – Here we go!!

Well at long last after all those years we’re finally back to see our lads at Anfield, with the last stretch on the horizon, the final hurdle, the last piece of Klopps Jigsaw, the start of the end, so let’s give every molecule to get as much as possible out of this run in.

An outsider to take the job is De Zerbi, a calculated football coach with a fresh and attack minded outlook on the game, some say he could be an underrated scoop. I’m not that convinced but he’s doing a fantastic job at the seagulls nobody can deny that. Just could be a bit of a leap.

We obviously want wins under our belt but we also need to up our goal tally just in case it goes to the wire. With Salah back fit now I hope Klopp goes full ham over the next 10 games and Nunez has his shooting boots tightened!

Frustrated to see Robbo limp off, he’s apparently going in for a scan on a suspected ankle injury.

*update – minor ankle knock.. should be back in a week! Tidy.

However Gomez and Tsimi will do a stalwart job until he’s back. Bradders secured his first goal for his N.Ireland, superb winner vs Scotland. He’ll be bouncing so wouldn’t be a bad idea playing him RB. Curtis Jones should be back in training any day now with Trent and Jota probably another week behind which bodes well for the rest of the season. Trent wants to get back for Sheffield Unit game on 4th April, of which our very own Saravana will be attending !! that’s 2 FOARites in one season, way to go lads x

Still no update on Ali though, hoping he’ll be back for the rest of the season. Kevin doing a stand up job in his absence however, best no.2 in the world!

Bajectic shouldn’t be too long aswell, interesting quote from Klopp, seems there’s a lot more to it than just being injured.

“He is a young lad, so we have to make sure that we don’t use him before he is then really ready. Because obviously what happened before was that the body was not 100 per cent ready for the intensity professional football is asking for. He is in a much better place now, he had a long time unfortunately to improve that,”

Premier league fixtures – we all know what we wanna see.. Just gotta do our job first !