Man United vs Liverpool – Full Throttle !

Nothing but full throttle from minute 1 will do on Sunday, we normally spend the first 5-30 figuring the opponent out. This is one time we need to be on it from the off as cliche goes. Tight and aggressive just like the door to Clams shed.

Not sure who’s in contention but hopefully Endo will make a return to the starting lineup. Mac’s flying right now and dom’s heading in the right direction with his March fitness coming back strong. That midfield is becoming a thing of beauty, long may it continue.. but then there’s Trent.. it’s an interesting situation he’s found himself in. Bradley is almost undroppable at the moment plus with Endo and Mac becoming 2 cemented places it’s an incredibly difficult situation for Klopp to be in. On the other hand I just don’t think you can not start Trent whether RB on DM.

Thoughts ??

People will have their own say on the recent price hikes. For me it’s a terrible look and timing considering the cost of living issues right now. Here’s what the Spirit of Hankly have posted..

Big game this. Bring the good stuff Jurg!!!