Everton vs Liverpool – Full Scouse ahead!

Both teams expecting a full blown battle on Wednesday as there’s a lot to play for both top and bottom of the league, this could turn nasty. Not sure if we have much hope for the league anymore but it only takes a few slip ups in the last 5 games if we take all available points. It’s literally all we have to focus on so no excuse to go guns blazing into the night and risk it all.

Jota is out again, another massive blow for us as he’s just getting back into the mix and scoring. Rain just pours on our Portugese patient. But what else do we have.. DANNS. DESPARATE DANNS. Desperate for some more chances and it’s not like he didn’t impress on his last few outings. As far as I’m concerned we don’t have much to lose as no other available forward can find the back of the net right now. Whatever.

Trent back in playing with freedom is what the doctor ordered and we’re seeing it again now, we could win these 5 games just with his wizardry, slightly taken for granted this season in some ways. But he’s back and has brought some grit with him. Eyeing the big prize but knows we have to perform at our best and get some serious luck thrown our way.

One thing I know is we’ll fight until it’s done. For now it’s wide open. Lets get those 3 big ones boyos!!

Oh and good news with Adidas coming back into the boot room. FUCK OFF NIKE YOU ABSOLUTE LEACHES, like as Richard Ayoade once said “I’ve done nothing for you”.

“when I was a player and I sneezed, the players would wish me good technique” BAAH!!