Liverpool vs Spurs – 3 to go with the Normal One.

Always a fun tussle with spurs at home, recent bouts suggest a draw but anything can happen this close to season close.

Even though we have 3 games left it feels like it’s already ended and it’s just a formality finish, weird and massively anticlimactic, but we’ve become used to it just falling our way in recent times. I think it started when Carragher hit the post from 30 yards out in his last game, was just never gonna happen for us.

The players now have everything to play for, they know these 3 games could be a marker for things to come and important people will be watching. 3 big ones to give 150% and leave everything out there. We’ll see what happens.

So here we go then, just a few more weeks and the penultimate game at Anfield for Klopp this Sunday. With the recent news that there won’t be a parade at the end of the season the last game will likely see a more authentic and energetic send off which will be nice.

Let’s beat Spurs first and let’s put Ange out to pasture.