A new Dawn – Golden Badger – Slotty

It’s slowly sinking in now that we have a fresh start coming up, a complete overhaul, but this time with a significantly better foundation. Thanks to Jurgen Klopp. Forever a legend.

We welcome ARNE SLOT as our new COACH, apparently a very good match for our beloved club, coming from a club who also sings YNWA must be a good omen, it worked last time 🙂 He has also gained the solid endorsement of Klopp by singing his name at Anfield before he’s even officially announced, that’s huge. Without knowing the guy too well it seems he’s got his feet on the ground bringing an important understanding between manager and fans. It does mean more to us as a club and he knows that. We will see how this pre-season shapes up first before any judgement is made before the season starts. Apparently, he’s more adaptable than Klopp’s tactics allowing players to have a more integral role in tactics rather than one size fits all, this should allow more ways of winning to be on the cards or I’m hoping so. Wishing you all the success in the world good sir, we’ll be with you through thick and thin as we always are.


It’s a fucking TIE!!!! NEV AND DOK !!!!

Commiserations to Geoff, I thought you were odds on mate with all those stinky ones, I guess Clam makes the podium in 3rd but has to shift over a little to make some space for Mac. Champagne on Nev x

Congratulations you legends. I was going to arrange a fight-to-the-death boxing match but we want you both around next season. Which means BOTH OF YOU will be getting a special box of goodies in the coming months !! Cheers and well fucking !! 🙂

So, another season comes to an end, our last under Klopp and most importantly another season with you special people. Thank you for more memorable moments x

Time for a little rest and let silly season commence with a keen eye on the incomings and outgoings this summer.